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These two websites - one of which is a Manufacturing and the other is about hand painted silk, provide some valuable information about silk.

As a matter of first importance, definitions. One can experience the definitions here. Be that as it may, I was continually searching for the meanings of the accompanying sorts of Silk. 

1. Mulberry Silk 

I was not especially searching for this definition. Silk created by silk worm (Bombyx Mori) sustained on Mulberry Leaves. 

2. Tussar Silk 

I was especially searching for this: 

Hatchlings of a few types of moth, for example, Antheraea mylitta, Antheraca proylei, Antherea pernyi and Antheraca yamamai deliver this silk.The creepy crawlies generally live in the wild on shrubberies and trees on which they nourish. 

3. Katiya Silk 

A major one for me. 

The bit of Tussar casings remaining after around 60% reelable silk is spun into Katiya yarn. 

4. Balkal Silk 

The peduncles (silk that stays the casing, it is exceptionally powerless) are used for generation of Balkal yarn. 

5. Muga Silk

It has a place with same family as Tussar. It is prominent for its normal brilliant shading, gleaming fine surfaces and strength. Muga silk is created by Antheraea assama Westwood which is an endemic species pervasive in the Brahmaputra valley and connecting slopes. 

Muga silkworm is a polyhageous creepy crawly which encourages on leaves of Som, Soalu and different plants which develops bounteously in Brahmapautra valley. 

Eri Silk : 

The word Eri is a subsidiary from Sanskrit classification for Castor Plant, eranada. Castor leaf is the primary nourishment for the Eri silkworms thus named as Eri. This is the main totally tamed non-mulberry assortment. Its silk is spun as it can not be reeled. 

Spun Silk: 

A Silk yarn made of short lengths of silk acquired from silk squanders punctured covers or floss which gives yarn its trademark splendor. There are two evaluations of yarn Schappe and Bourette. It is spun on uncommon apparatus which in some ways is much the same as cotton and worsted. 

Noil Silk: 

Noil Short filaments expelled in brushing operation of yarn making of Spun silk is spun into Noil yarn. Noil is generally created in Karnataka and Madras. 

Dupion Silk: 

A sporadic, unpleasant silk reeled from twofold covers or casings spun one next to the other which are interlocked, making it important to reel them together. The unevenness of the yarn limits its utilization. 

Filature Silk 

A crude silk which is reeled by machine as unmistakable from silk arranged by delivering bungalow industry. 

Matka silk 

Another Big One. 

Matka Silk is gotten from squandering Mulberry silk by hand turning without expelling the gum (sericin). Cases required to create Matka are for the most part gotten from Karnataka and Kashmir yet turning is for the most part done in the towns of Malda and Murshidabad locale in West Bengal by ladies by hand turning. 

Fibers of the cases of this silk from Bihar were initially loosened up and handled together on a mud pot, or Matka ( Today, they are likely to be reeled on a lady's thigh) 


Despite the fact that not a silk texture yet essential from the perspective of conventional materials. It is a veg based texture. A silk weave with rayon twist and cotton weft, makes a high reflexive surface. 


Gajji Silk is glossy silk weave done on silk texture. Utilized as a part of Tie-Dye Sarees in Gujarat territory of India 

Care of Silk Fabric: This site gives it completely among different assets. 

for example, Interesting Facts about silk Fabrics and Scarf Tying Techniques 

I am as yet searching for the accompanying meanings of Silk 

Korean Silk 

China Silk 

Kora Silk 

Desi Silk 

Some different Snippets 

* All tussar is wild silk which is created from an unraptured case. 

* Ghicha and Matka are created from Raptured case. 

* Korea Silk is otherwise called 33/37 fiber. For the most part we have textures of korea x korea , korea x china, and korea x desi. Korea x Korea can be made on powerloom. The other two qualities are impractical to make on powerloom as a result of their checked equity. 

* When a provider discusses 2x1 Korea x China, it implies he has taken two strings of Korea together in a twist (not contorted, but rather simply taken together). 

* Generally reed in these textures is dependably 72 

* China silk is otherwise called 50/70 fiber. It is paler and coarser in appearance than Korea. 

* Desi is a raptured silk from India. Exceptionally uneven yet splendid when worn.

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